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reading • playing • imagining


removable • repositionable • durable


non-toxic inks • fabric • Australian made


Wall stickers kids just love.

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The days of the week

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Bedtime Safari in Blue

Customisable bed routine

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Bedtime Safari in Rose

Customisable bed routine

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Bedtime Safari Round

Customisable bed routine

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Who we are.


Tim, the tiger


Geraldthe giraffe


Emily, the elephant


Mike, the monkey


Hanna, the hippo


Zac, the zebra


Berni, the bear


Lily, the lion

Any questions?

Here are the answers.


Little Dot Big Dot’s high quality fabric stickers can be applied to most smooth surfaces including paint, metal, wood and glass. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry. Teflon or anti-marking properties may affect your stickers’ adhesion, so it is best to avoid these surfaces.

Even on painted walls?

Of course! Our wall art is ideally suited for internal painted plasterboard surfaces. Any painted surface, however, must have been prepared properly when painted and be in good condition prior to applying the stickers. If the wall has recently been painted, it is best to wait a few weeks before applying the stickers (If you can’t smell the paint fumes anymore, it’s probably OK).


First unpack the product and keep the sheets flat. Then just peel and stick to the clean, dry surface. Easy.


Yes! These quality fabric stickers are easily removed and can be applied over and over again without damaging the surface. Carefully peel off the sections and place them on the backing paper (you kept it, right?) or apply to another clean surface.

Anything else?

Depending on the environment, the wall graphics should last for several years. Direct exposure to sunlight can do harm to the product. Do not apply any chemicals or liquids to the wall stickers, not even water.
While all care is taken in providing these instructions, we will not be liable for any damage.

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